Dj Royce.

Long long time ago.

Hi, I’m Royce Lindsey (aka Dj Royce), as a Producer / DJ / Writer I help make music better then share it with the world! 18 years of DJ experience as a resident club/dance DJ. In 2005 I was granted a mix show on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO on station BPM. Later I was moved over to the newest station AREA 33. That experience gave me a unique perspective on what audiences are seeking, I then add what I think is unique, as does the industry, a Dj Royce Feel to make it work!

I feel like my unique mix style has given me an advantage and allowed me to advance where most from my background do not, I have lived a dream of mine since 2005, and have performed to audiences that exceeded 10,000+. I have you the listeners to thank for this, and I continue to create that one last masterpiece before I retire my DJ mixer.

Coming from a pretty strict upbringing in a country town in North Alabama, I had knew and accepted the fact that my chances to make it on the radio were slim to none, so I mixed in local clubs and events, and quit in 1996. I then started school and became a Technical Voice &Data Architect and I work in Telecommunications as my full time career.

In 2005, I was approached and ask if I would be interested in setting up an Online Radio Station, and mixing a Saturday Night House Party on the station live. I had not touched the music for almost 10 years, but accepted the offer and for the first time was broadcasting on the AIR. - The audiences would never be over 400, but it was online, and many other stations were obsorbing the audiences as well. Less than a year into this side hobby, I recieved a call from a program manager at SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO. Ask if I would be interested in filling in for a DJ that had taken leave to be with his wife after they had a newborn baby boy. This was the break that put everything in motion and I was off and running, this was the ONE chance I had to make my dream came true. I think I ran with it well.

Soon I would find myself Dj'ing to thousands in Miami Beach after being invited to WMC. The show I was pushing out weekly had been nominated for Best New Radio Show, but was beat out by Tiesto's show. So was everybody else in their catagory. That year was his year no doubt, however it was such an honor to even be on the same catagory. But this was SIRIUS (Pinch myself)

When I’m not working on music you can most likely find me indulging in some of my favorite things like Reading, artwork, history and even cooking. I love to travel and have been lucky to see most of the US, Europe, Asia as well as Australia. So no complaints out of me.

If you want to have some laughs from time to time I invite you to follow me on twitter @djr0yce or LIKE my facebook fan page at

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Live | Miami FL

Well, this was a first for me, and I think you can tell. The guy that made this video, was able to catch the feeling of the moment. I had club crowds react to my music, but never in a concert type setting. So this was a highlight and I close my eyes often and remember that feeling I had walking out on stage as my intro was ending.

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